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Reset password

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your email address.
  3. Below your email ID, go to "password."
  4. You'll find "forgot" in the right side of your password box.
  5. Your email id will appear on the next page and click on the,"send reset password email" and you'll receive an email from Qik Meeting.
  6. Select the message subjected as "Reset Password Qik Meeting".
  7. The reset password is located in the blue color box.
  8. Alternatively, a link is located underneath the blue color box.
  9. Click one or the other.
  10. Qik Meeting reset your password page will appear.
  11. Type in your new password.

Try to include numbers, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase characters.

  1. Click "set password."
  2. Your password has been reset.