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Qik Meeting is the smartest unified business communication and collaboration AI app. It auto-generates minutes & action to-dos of every meeting and organizes all business communication & collaboration data in one place whether work happens online, in-person or hybrid using the most advanced AI work organizer.

Qik Meeting provides the fastest online meeting rooms & the first ever in-person meeting rooms. Along with the most advanced scheduler & appointment calendars, it surely increases team's productivity by over 300%.

Qik Meeting is the first app to unify schedules, agendas, online/in-person meetings, chats, notes, to-dos, files, recordings, transcriptions, minutes of the meeting and many more using AI.

Who are we?

We are bunch of passionate technologists trying to solve the complex meeting problem.

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Our Approach to Innovations and Security


Qik Meeting is an all-encompassing platform with innovative features with attention and importance given to security.

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