Privacy Policy

In order to deliver products and services directly provided by Qik Meeting, we acquire personal data, which includes storing, utilising, disclosing, organising, and collecting it. This is explained in our privacy statement. The privacy policy applies to the usage of the following domains: and


When you use or interact with Qik Meeting, we may collect or process the following categories of personal data on behalf of our customers:

1. Account Information: It includes full name, contact information (email address or phone number or both), sign in information and payment details. The personal information is collected for the following reasons:

  • Contact, subscription, registration, online identifiers and discussion forum or communications details.
  • Audio, video and text communication content.
  • Online behaviour and product usage information
  • Financial information (bank account details)
  • Data regarding the business and other interests and opinions of individuals.
  • Other miscellaneous information about users which includes device identifiers and telemetry (IP or MAC) address when such data is linked or tied to a specific device.

2. Profile Information: It includes information on the user's name, email address, work title, location, user ID, display picture, and other facts of enterprise users, prime users and free Qik Meeting users.

3. Preference: User preferences for audio, video, storage, and other aspects of Qik Meeting users.

4. Registration: Qik Meeting users information that is provided upon registering their account. It contains name, contact information, and other fundamental registration data that the user requests

5. Device information: It includes information about the device people use to access Qik Meeting. It contains information regarding OS version, harddisk ID, IP address, computer name, wifi information, MAC address, and bluetooth signals.

6. Usage: It focuses on usage data for Qik Meeting, such as, when the user joins or leaves a meeting, performance data, product design, the inclusion of other applications or products to a meeting, features used, and other metrics. Additionally, it reveals the websites the user visited and how they interacted with those sites.

7. Interactions: It includes details of how users have interacted with Qik Meeting in relation to support, accounts, and other inquiries.

8. Information from third parties: Information is gathered on the account holder's firm size, contact details, enterprise domain, and other details. Even the user’s information is acquired from outside advertisers who run advertising on Qik Meeting.


Qik Meeting does not use any specific information like (meeting, audio, video, data, files and messages) unless or until for safety, security, and legal reasons. The collected information is utilised to collect data to enhance and optimise our service delivery, amplify security protocol. The reasons to collect data are:

1. Product and Services: Users of Qik Meeting are kept up to speed on the most recent products and services for account holders and users who have been invited to the meeting. Qik Meeting users are sent invitations, messages, and reminders using the personal data gathered. In addition, it entails the use of data to guide account creation, billing and payment updates, and the facilitation of conferences, webinars, and other events.

2. Research and Development: To test, improve, analyse, personalise, improve accuracy and enhance user experience.

3. Promotion: To advertise, promote and market Qik Meeting and its third party marketing partners. We also display advertisements of third party goods and services.

4. Authentication: To authenticate your account activity and prevent malicious conduct and unsafe usage, experience, address security threats, protect public safety and secure Qik Meeting.

5. Update: We collect your personal information so that you receive updates regarding billing and payment, account creation and facilitating conferences, webinars and other events. In addition, we use your information to respond to your inquiries with us.

6. Legal purpose: To abide by law, which includes law enforcement or government agencies to investigate litigation, and other adversarial legal proceedings.

In order to prevent illegal, harmful and threat activities we use tools to automatically scan content to verify background, images, files and chats.


Your personal data are shared with third parties with your consent or through the following circumstances given below:

1. Resellers: If you purchase Qik Meeting via the reseller, they will have access to your basic information, including name, phone number, and email address.

2. Dealers: To cater with better payment processing, provision, maintenance, technological infrastures we, Qik Meeting collaborate with our trusted third party service providers. We also work with closely trusted third party service providers to deal with advertisements and business statistics regarding Qik Meeting.

3. Legal Purpose: Qik Meeting shares personal data with legal authorities to share requested information, directed by the court of law. It includes:

  • Potential violations of terms of service or policies
  • Prevent fraud, abuse or safety and security concerns to public
  • Protect our and customers rights and policy
  • To enforce agreements

4. Marketing and Advertising: To market, advertise, and to promote Qik Meeting, which includes tailored adverts depending on how consumers use Qik Meeting. Your information is obtained from a reliable third party source based on your activity on the Qik Meeting website. To prevent us from using third-party cookies that share your information with these partners, use our cookie control tool. As permitted by law, before engaging in the aforementioned marketing or advertising activities, Qik Meeting will seek your consent.

5. Corporate Partners: To deliver optimised and persistent experience across Qik Meeting that can include to detect, investigate, prevent fraud, abuse and threats; we share your personal information with corporate affiliates.

6. Connection: We frequently exchange personal information with current or potential acquirers when negotiating sales, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring involving Qik Meeting's corporate assets.


Our trusted third party sources may be able to see the content and information that you share. It includes:

1. Account owner: We offer options and tools so that account users can select which third-party applications are allowed to be utilised during meetings. Only those people who are authorised to have access to your personal information are allowed access to it. Owners of accounts have particular access to:

  • Product usage: It consists of information about how users interact with their accounts, who sent messages, their email address, IP address, device information, and other details such as who attended your meetings, downloads, participation time, and other metrics.
  • Participants detail: Details of participants name, email address, user ID.

2. User Details: The owner, admin, host, user or guest who are in the meeting can see your name, email address, and display image. The room owner, amdin, host or user may have access to the audio recordings, messages, files, and data shared; guests added to the room can only view these items while they are physically present in the meeting.

3. Registration details: Information provided during registration of Qik Meeting account.

4. Chat/Notes/Files: The owner, host, user of the meeting will be able to see who has sent the message, notes or files along with date and time. Guests added to the room can only view these items while they are physically present in the meeting

5. Recordings: The owner, host, user of the meeting will be able to view and listen to the content of meeting recordings. Guests added to the room can only view these items while they are physically present in the meeting.

6. Apps: The owner of the room or workspace or the company admin will be able to install the apps inside the meeting room. The owner, host, user of the meeting room will be able to view and access data to the content of the apps. Guests added to the room can only view these items while they are physically present in the meeting.


Qik Meeting's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


Go through the sections below if you live in California, EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland, UK (United Kingdom) or residents of countries mentioned above. On your request and in accordance with the law:

  • Notify about the personal data that we have about you.
  • Update or rectify personal information and privacy preference that you chose or or refer you to the tools that are appropriate.
  • Connect you to required resources to remove any of your personal information.

We may refuse to process your requests that are repetitive, similar, disproportionate. If you are an account user you can take steps to modify your personal information by visiting your account. You can reach out to our support team at or privacy team at


Any children below the age of 16 are not permitted to operate Qik Meeting. To use Qik Meeting for children below to age of 18 for educational service kindly refer the Educational Policy Statement


Your personal information is kept for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes listed in the privacy statement provided below or as required by law.

  • As much as you continue to maintain Qik Meeting account.
  • As per the requirement of law.
  • In accordance with agreements, decisions, restrictions, or legal inquiries.


1. Rights of data subjects

  • Access rights: You can view, access and control personal information we have about you.
  • Abandonment: You have the right to abandon your personal information we have about you that is if it is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected for.
  • Disagreement: You have the right to stop us from using your personal information for marketing purposes.

Personal data processing

  • Contract: Your personal information is processed on the basis of Qik Meeting contract that includes Qik Meeting’s features, service, billing, compliance and administration so that we can update you with the latest features and services.
  • Protection: To detect illegal activities and for public safety.
  • Legal Obligations: In order to comply with laws, regulations, codes of conduct, guidelines we process your personal information.
  • Authority: Qik Meeting process your personal information to:
  • To follow the agreement with account holders or resellers who provide you with Qik Meeting’s service.
  • Enhance our product from bugs and troubleshooting.
  • To integrate your account with safety, security, prevent it from harmful behaviours and reduction of security threats.
  • Send promotional materials related to the product.
  • Intentional data sharing: In countries where Qik Meeting has clients, service providers, and facilities, your personal information is stored, processed, and transferred worldwide. Your personal information is constantly safeguarded with the utmost care.


California residents are entitled under CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018):

Authenticity: It includes the types of sources from which information are gathered, the purpose of obtaining information and the types of third party sources from which the information is shared

Erase: Removing and deleting your personal information.

Sale: Qik Meeting does not sell any of your personal information. But, like many, we engage advertisers to customise online advertisements as per your interest from the information collected through cookies.

Qik Meeting respects your California Privacy Privacy Act and Qik Meeting will notify the users request within 10 days of receiving their request. Our support team will reach you out within 30 business days.

The user can make a request to access his/her personal information. We verify your account and identity in order to request your access or delete personal data.


California citizens can annually gather information regarding their personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purpose.


To address changes in the way we collect and process personal information, we may revise this privacy statement from time to time. The latest updated privacy statement will be mentioned at the end of the page as “Updated on”.

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