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Qik Meeting Introduction

Let's discover Qik Meeting in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Getting started with Qik Meeting is pretty simple and straightforward.

What is Qik Meeting?

Qik Meeting is the world's smartest AI-powered unified business communication and collaboration app. It auto-generates minutes of every meeting and organizes all business communication data in one place whether work happens online, in-person or hybrid.

The following are the innovations at Qik Meeting:

  • World's first & most advanced AI powered meeting rooms
  • World's first integrated minutes of the meeting app
  • World’s best work organizer
  • World's fastest online meeting app
  • World's first in-person meeting app
  • World’s first truly hybrid meeting app* (zero cost hybrid rooms)
  • World's most powerful one-on-one meeting app
  • World's most advanced scheduler app
  • World's best work organizer with unique single pane of glass dashboard view
  • Unifies, automates & organizes schedules, agendas, meetings, chat, notes, to-dos, files, recordings, transcriptions, minutes of the meeting & many more.

Solves forty different communication & collaboration problems in 2023. Here are some of the advantages of the app:

  1. Guarantees 300% more productivity for the enterprises.
  2. Helps build great teams and prioritizes communication in organizations.
  3. 80% of projects that are lost due to poor communication can be saved.
  4. Do secure, smarter and faster business with effective meetings.
  5. 200% more enterprise work data fully organized and securely protected using innovative enterprise data cocooning.
  6. Cost effective solution for organization saving more than $100 per employee per month on communication & collaboration SaaS products

Qik Meeting runs on all devices as apps & on any browser using patent pending (US & India) proprietary modern technologies which can scale to 1M+ daily users.

Two types of meeting rooms:

  1. Qik Meeting's online meeting room offers the fastest way to collaborate in real-time with colleagues from anywhere in the world while ensuring persistent data storage.

  2. Qik Meeting's advanced in-person meeting room is designed to facilitate seamless data capture and sharing, empowering users to transition swiftly and seamlessly between online and in-person meetings, and ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted collaboration experience.

Three ways to organize your meetings:

1. Workspaces: Organize Your Meeting Rooms

In Qik Meeting's workspaces you can create and organize your meeting rooms. With the ability to collaborate with other users and effectively manage your workflow, you'll be able to get things done more efficiently in the AI-powered meeting rooms.

2. Availability Calendars: Efficiently Manage Meetings

Qik Meeting's availability calendars are designed to streamline meetings, allowing you to share your availability slots or appointment calendars. This enables you to effectively manage online and offline meetings within the room.

3. One-on-one Meetings: Collaborate More Effectively

Qik Meeting's one-on-one meeting functionality is a powerful tool for effective collaboration. Simply enter the email address of the person you wish to invite or request a one-on-one meeting with, and you'll be able to chat, take notes, and work together to achieve your goals.

Meeting Room Apps to get things done across your teams and projects.

Unify communication & collaboration across organization with one-stop solution.

Qik Meeting Apps:

  1. Minutes of the meeting
  2. Schedules
  3. Agendas
  4. Meetings
  5. Online meetings
  6. In-person meetings
  7. One-on-ones
  8. Chat
  9. Notes
  10. To-dos
  11. Files
  12. Recordings
  13. Transcriptions
  14. Appointments
  15. Whiteboard*
  16. Other app integrations*
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