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Create Appointment Calendar

  1. Open the Appointments page.
  2. Click “Create”
  3. Choose your availability by checking the boxes and setting the start and end time.
  4. Copy the schedule for multiple meetings, or add more meetings by clicking the "+" icon.
  5. Remove any unavailable days by clicking the trash bin icon.
  6. Click on the bin icon delete the days you are unavailable.
  7. Click "Next".
  8. Name your appointment calendar.
  9. Set the meeting duration and user roles.
  10. Select your preferred location from the options provided.
    • Online meeting room
    • Online / In-person - decide on request
    • Only In-person
    • Ask user
  11. Set the calendar validity and choose the dates for your meetings.
  12. Click "Create".
  13. Your calendar has been created.

Share appointment calendar

  1. Click "share".
  2. Copy the calendar invitation and send it to your clients/vendors/team members.
  3. Or simply copy the calendar invitation and send it through email.
  4. Your calendar is shared.